Allergies Over The Atlantic

Flight attendant Kat Onassis accepts a new job working undercover with Triple I. This government agency needs her to track drug smugglers on flights from Trinidad into Miami. The problem with this new venture isn’t just that Kat tends to have a sweaty upper lip when she’s nervous, but she still has to act like a flight attendant at the same time. And, her new boss, Max, who has an uncanny resemblance to a seasick turtle, is more annoying than any of her passengers.

Kat’s home in Key Largo is also at risk for foreclosure. To help pay off her debt, she takes on two new roommates, Martha and Milton – newlyweds in their eighties with more sexual energy than two teenagers who have fallen into a vat of Viagra.

If living with octogenarians who are having more sex than her isn’t bad enough, Kat gets more attention underwater from a hungry green moray eel than from her handsome pilot/scuba diving buddy, Nick. If she can’t even get a nibble from him while she’s wearing a skimpy bikini, she doesn’t have a chance at landing this pilot.

Kat’s definitely in over her head… in the air, on the land, and underwater.

Kat is assigned to another job in the Triple I Agency, but this time she must work routes from Venezuela to Boston and help them thwart a team kidnapping members of an influential political family and ransoming them for money and international advantages.

Nick, Martha and Milton, and, ugh, Max are still making Kat’s life as colorful as ever. Even her pet fish, Fido, is still bubbling around his little tank. This time, Kat feels better prepared for this assignment until she meets her sexy new partner from Venezuela, Rosa.

Surprisingly, horndog Max seems undeterred by Rosa. But Kat finds herself more concerned about Rosa’s deep cleavage, her sexy accent and her unapologetic flirting with Nick, than on the mission. Even worse, Nick seems completely mesmerized by Rosa’s thong bikini.

Of course, who could blame him?

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Bunions Into Boston


Mountains of Dough

After a miserable divorce battle, Andie is leaving the mansions and money in California for the old house in Colorado. It’s time to start a new life with her spoiled teenage daughter and their anxiety-ridden St. Bernard, Ralph. Andie would rather deal with the  hungry bears, who seem to be into her fast food containers, than her uprooted, unhappy teen and a barfy dog. But Andie has even more to figure out. She has no job, no training and now, no money.

Who knew baking could solve all of her problems?



Meet Pepé, the Puppy Tooth Fairy, a tiny chihuahua with a big heart. Simon, Pepé’s best friend, is a giant St. Bernard and together they have fun adventures in this series.

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The Puppy Tooth Fairy: Clumsy Canine

In Clumsy Canine, Pepé is assigned to be Sushi’s puppy tooth fairy. Sushi is a bouncy puppy who tends to run into things. Unfortunately, Sushi not only lost her first tooth, she lost it somewhere in her house. Pepé needs to find Sushi’s tooth or risk losing his golden wings. Not an easy task, not even for Pepé. 

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The Puppy Tooth Fairy: Seeing Spots

Watching a fireman rescue a green cat from a tree, Pepé and Simon meet a new puppy in their neighborhood, Pepper. Pepper is the fire department’s new Dalmatian puppy who is relieved to meet new friends. She had just lost her tooth, so Pepé is able to visit the firehouse that night and leave her a Puppy Tooth Fairy treat. Unfortunately, the next day, Pepper falls into the water while trying to retrieve a stick. Will Pepé and Simon make it in time to save her?


Jaq loves to go to bed at night because her dreams magically transform her normal day into the best adventures – ever!

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Jaq’s Wacky Dreams: Skiing Down Ice Cream Mountains

In Skiing Down Ice Cream Mountains, Jaq had no idea how her teacher’s lesson about the Colorado mountains would make their way into her dreams, but that was only the beginning. Seeing her best friend, Maggie, hang upside down on the playground’s jungle gym and going for an ice cream cone spluge after school will play a part in her dreams too. By the time Jaq goes to bed that night, she is ready to close her eyes and snuggle in for a magical adventure – where suddenly she and Maggie are skiing down a mountain made of chocolate ice cream!

Jaq and her friends have fun during lunchtime at school, talking about their sandwiches and silly stuff. After school they play in Jaq’s treehouse and make up funny songs, trying to sing like birds. But later that night, in Jaq’s dreams, somehow the treehouse becomes even more exciting as Jaq and her friends suddenly have wings. The next morning, Jaq can’t wait to tell her mom all about the crazy dream where she’s flying and trying to sing while munching on peanut butter sandwiches.


Jaq’s Wacky Dreams: Peanut Butter Songs In A Treehouse



Jaq’s Wacky Dreams: Swimming In Lemonade Oceans


Who knew watching a Cheerio plop off her spoon and into her bowl of milk would turn into an important part of Jaq’s dream that night? That’s just the beginning as Jaq’s class visits the famous painter, Wyland, as he creates another seascape masterpiece on a building’s wall in Key Largo, Florida. Her dreams that night were going underwater where Jaq bubbles with excitement throughout.

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