I firmly believe that my writing has been therapeutic for me and far cheaper than paying for a psychiatrist. So all of my books have a spit of my life – and hUmOr – intertwined within each story. Let’s face it, we all need more chuckles and giggles to help us get through life.


ALLERGIES OVER THE ATLANTIC and its upcoming sequel, BUNIONS INTO BOSTON, were written because of the horrific events of 9/11 way back in 2001. The world of aviation dramatically changed and, as a flight attendant, my coping mechanism kicked in through writing and humor.

Both books touch on some of my hilarious experiences in the air. (You can NOT make up the things flight attendants see and deal with while working.) They also include my life in the Florida Keys including the crazy lifestyle there and the bubbling chuckles underwater while scuba diving since my husband and I owned a dive shop at the same time we were working with the airlines.


My soon-to-be released romance books, PRINCE ON A WHITE BIKE and MOUNTAINS OF DOUGH are both based in Colorado, where I was raised. We also have a home there to escape to when we want seasons and to take on the ski slopes. I love to ski, when I have a shot of Schnapps to get me down the slopes. I also find I write a lot in my little office by the creek.

My Family

The need for therapy really kicks in when you have kids. I have two step-daughters, Tiffany and Nicole, who have been in my life since they were 11 and 7 years old. Now Tiffany is a successful businesswoman with Intel with a great hubby and my two darling grandsons. Nicole owns a helicopter business here in Hawaii and is happily married to another incredible son-in-law.

My daughter, Jacqueline, has the best of both worlds. Experiencing life as an only child, but with unbelievable older sisters, at the same time. I began writing THE PUPPY TOOTH FAIRY series when she lost her first teeth. We brought home a puppy around the same time and she wondered if puppy’s have tooth fairies too. Time to write a book.

When she got a little older, she began having nightmares and hated to go to bed because of them. We solved this by cuddling her in bed and going through the fun/silly details of her day, which made her relax and feel better about closing her eyes. This is when JAQ’S WACKY DREAMS was evolved. A fun series of a little girl who gets into mischief during the day, but her life really kicks in when she closes her eyes and turns her day’s events into crazy fun dreams.

Before Facebook really caught on, I wanted to somehow commemorate my life in the Florida Keys. It’s an extraordinary place to live and the characters down there are to be treasured and needed to be written about.

I went into our local newspaper’s office and begged the editor to consider me as their humor columnist. He bravely took me on and my column, ONLY IN THE KEYS, was born. For five glorious years, I wrote an article for the weekly newspaper and built up a loyal audience who appreciated my humorous look at life in the Keys – and living with my husband. (Again, writing is cheaper than therapy.) This section will be updated with some of my most popular articles throughout the years.

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